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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let it Snow!

We went to upstate NY to visit Greg's extended family after Christmas.  Our original plans were to drive halfway on the 26th, but a big snowstorm forced us to leave a day early in a hurry.  After enjoying Christmas with my family Christmas Day, we made a quick decision to leave that afternoon to beat the storm.  We packed up everything and left within an was chaotic to say the least!  We didn't even stop to think about everything being closed on Christmas Day, so we ended up eating some "delicious" gas station goodies for dinner...something to remember for sure :)  We spent 4 days visiting with everyone and got to play in ALOT of snow.  Brayden had a blast sledding, making snow angels and throwing snowballs (Connor missed out on all the snow fun)  Below are some pictures from our trip:

Connor with his Great Gramma Sharkey, who celebrated her 80th birthday while we were there!
Brayden in the snow
Clearing a path to the sledding hill with Brian

Snow angel

 That's a lot of snow!!
Brayden and Luciana
Making a snow igloo with Uncle Skip


1 comment:

Grandma said...

At last--two great posts! So glad Brayden had the big snow experience and the Parr/Sharkey family got to enjoy you and your boys for a good visit.