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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Backyard Fun

We recently bought an inflatable pool for Brayden to play in and he loves it! He has been spending a lot of time in it for the past two weeks, and Greg & I have been taking advantage of it too on the hot summer days we've had. Madeline, Lydia and Margo come over to play & swim last Friday...Brayden really enjoyed having some playmates to splash around with. Here are some pictures (notice the first picture of Brayden playing in a regular was so waterlogged after just a few minutes that it was weighing him down and barely staying on!)

Brayden has fallen in love with his cozy coupe again in the last two days. He wants us to push him around in the yard nonstop and he will pitch a fit if we try to stop. He wanted Elmo to ride around with him was very cute. When I was finally able to get him out of the car, he wanted to swing for a bit, and of course he wanted Elmo to join him for that too! He definitely loves his Elmo doll!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Camp Don Lee

We spent this weekend camping at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, NC (near the coast) with the whole Grimes family. It was HOT, but we survived! Brayden did pretty well for his first time camping, but the heat was hard on him. He wasn't up for doing much besides napping and watching Elmo DVDs in my brother's air conditioned pop up camper. But Greg and I got to enjoy the surroundings...we went sailing on a few different kinds of sailboats, swam in the camp swimming hole, and Greg spent a little time fishing and even went kayaking. And of course, we made Smore's by the campfire last night. We had a great time playng outdoors and being with the family, but it feels so good to be in AC again! Maybe we'll head to the mountains for our next camping trip where it's a little cooler!

Greg in the kayak

Greg on the high dive


Brayden & Margo

Sailing on the Hobie

The Grimes Family