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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Brayden took his first steps about three weeks ago. And although his main mode of movement is still crawling, he is getting better and better at walking as each day passes. He is now up to several steps at a time. He mostly walks back and forth between mommy and daddy when we encourage him to, but I have caught him daring to walk on his own from the coffee table to his toys a few times this week. We are definitely not trying to push the walking thing too fast....we chase him around the house plenty just with the crawling! It is fun to watch him as he learns how to walk though. He gets so tickled with himself when he reaches his goal, and he even chuckles a bit when he stumbles and falls. Here is a little video of him in action tonight.

And here is another video of him taken one day last week. I was trying to catch him walking, but he decided to pull up his shirt to find his belly button instead (one of his favorite things to do now, along with finding mommy's, daddy's or anyone else's that is around). I thought it was pretty cute!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Haircut

Brayden got his first haircut today. His hair was getting really long in the back and around his ears, so I took him in for a little trim. He did such a good job. Tiffany (my hairstylist & one of my best friends) gave Brayden a sucker to occupy him while she did her thing. It worked because he sat very still the whole time. I made sure to save a few locks of hair to put in his baby book!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last Wednesday, Greg, Brayden and I went to the fall bazaar at our church. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing all of the children dressed in their halloween costumes. Brayden was a lion this year.
They had all kinds of games and inflatables for the children to play on. Brayden really enjoyed going down the big slide with mommy & daddy. He would giggle everytime we got close to it and start pointing at it to go again.
Playing in the duck pond with Margo
Going down the slide with daddy
Bradyen and Madeline, aka "Hannah Montana"

On Saturday, we dressed Brayden in his lion costume again and sat outside to give candy to the trick or treaters. He just watched in amazement as all the children came and went. We thought he was a little too young to go trick or treating himself this year, but next year we'll be sure to take him out for a little bit. Ready for the trick or treaters on HalloweenEnjoying a suckerCallie and Brayden
Lion on the prowl
"Attacking" daddy