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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was so much fun for us this year. At the Christmas Eve service at our church, we played Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus and Brayden did surprisingly well. I had expected him to run wild, but he sat still for the most part (thanks to some graham crackers...they are his favorite snack and we rely on them quite frequently to get through things!)
Santa was very good to Brayden and brought him some new clothes, books, a work bench and most importantly a Cozy Coupe car. Brayden absolutely LOVES the car. Once he saw it, he pretty much crawled right inside and stayed there most of the morning. He wouldn't get out to play with any of his other new toys for awhile or to look in his stocking. Santa picked out the perfect gift for him!
Brayden's new ride
Looking in his stocking
Taking a milk break
Finally paying attention to his other new toys
We ate lunch and spent the afternoon at my parents house with my brother & sister and their families. The children were very excited to open presents, so after lunch it was pretty much chaos as they went from present to present. I think Brayden was a little over stimulated at one point and had a little breakdown, but a graham cracker helped to get him back into it. In the end, my parents living room was covered in paper, bows and boxes. Brayden got so many new fun toys from everyone, but as soon as we got home, he went straight to the car again! The novelty hasn't even worn off today, as he spent most of the morning crawling in and out of it.
Lunch time
All the cousins playing in Caroline's new play house
Opening presents

Friday, December 18, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

We had Breakfast with Santa last Saturday at our church. Brayden wasn't too sure about Santa. He did sit in his lap for about 10 seconds, but then Brayden started whining and reaching for me to come get him. We were able to get a picture of him sitting in Santa's lap, and then one with the whole family.

We haven't posted anything about Callie lately, but she is getting into the Christmas spirit too. Below is a picture of her all dressed up!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas tree last Sunday. Brayden actually hasn't been too bad with it...we were worried he would pull all the ornaments off or pull down the tree on himself within the first day. So far no problems though. He likes to look at all the ornaments and lights and every now and then he'll try to grab one. Of course, his favorites are the shiny red glass balls! I put a few wrapped presents under the tree today for the first time. He hasn't even noticed them yet...hopefully it stays that way! Below are a few pictures of him checking out our tree.