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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fireman Brayden

We went to some friends' birthday party on Sunday at the Smithfield fire station!  Brayden LOVED it, as he is very into fire trucks.  One of his favorite shows is Fireman Sam that comes on the Sprout channel.  He went through a phase where that was ALL he wanted to watch for a few weeks, but he has finally added more shows to his list (thank goodness....mommy and daddy were getting tired of it!)  It is super cute when he does watch it because Brayden has a little song and dance he'll do during the intro song of Fireman Sam.  My dad recorded it at his house a few weeks ago...enjoy!  (notice that Brayden slides down the door casing in the beginning like its a firepole...that cracks me up everytime he does it!!)

And here are a few pictures from our trip to the fire station.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Museum of Life and Science

Last Friday, Greg, Brayden and I spent the day at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.  A few friends of mine had recommended it, so we decided to check it out.  I'm glad we did because Brayden loved it!  We got to see dinosaurs, bears, wolves, snakes, butterflies, spiders, pigs, cows, and SOOO many other animals.  They had an insectarium that I was NOT very fond of, but Greg thought it was awesome.  Here are a few pictures of our trip:

 Playing at the park
 The entrance to the Dinosaur far, Brayden's FAVORITE thing at the museum!

 A few of the dinosaurs along the trail
 Digging for fossils with daddy
 Watching the bears

 In the butterfly house...Brayden was scared of all the butterflies flying all around!!  Not the dinosaurs or the bears, but the butterflies  : )
 Talking to the cow at the farmyard exhibit
 Testing out the different sounds of the drums
Worn out from a long day

We also spent time in their kids exploration area inside that had lots of neat things for Brayden to play with.  He enjoyed the mini space shuttle in their space exhibit.  He would push all the buttons and yell "Blastoff" over and over again!  There were a couple of things we didn't make it to because we were too exhausted after so much walking, so we'll definitely have to go back sometime.  Brayden has asked to go see the dinosaurs again several times since we went!