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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photoshoot with Aunt Gina

Below are some more pictures from the "photoshoot" we had with Aunt Gina a few weeks ago. I was so pleased with how well they came out! Connor cooperated the whole time...Brayden, not so much for the sibling pictures. He wanted to play with the truck more than anything!   Enjoy!

Special shout out to Aunt Gina for taking these WONDERFUL pictures!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Family of Four

We are settling into our new life as a family of four since Connor's arrival.  He is such an easy baby so far....he just sleeps & eats for the most part.  He wakes up for short periods a few times a day, but then drifts back off to sleep for a few hours.  He doesn't fuss much and is soooo cuddly : )  Brayden is loving life as a big brother.  I have been amazed at how tolerant and understanding he continues to be of how much time Connor demands.  He has not shown any jealously and wants to help & play with Connor as much as possible.  I hope this only continues! 

Connor's first two weeks of life have been filled with lots of visits from family and friends.  Other than some jaundice issues his first few days home, which were cleared up with the use of a bili blanket, Connor has been doing great.  We enjoyed having Greg home the first week, but he had to go back to work this week, so its just been me & the boys.  Its been a little tiring trying to keep up with Brayden, while getting by on less sleep and having Connor to take care of too, but I love being home with them.  Below are a few pictures from the past two weeks:      
Connor's first bath.  He cried the whole time, which Brayden thought was funny.  He also peed all over me & the walls; I had forgotten that little boys tend to do that when the diaper comes off!
Brayden and daddy enjoying a beautiful day outside and waiting to cheer on Syracuse
He's awake!

Brayden loves to cuddle up beside Connor or hold him as much as possible.  He loves his baby brother!

Aunt Gina came by on Monday and did a photoshoot with Connor, Connor & Brayden, and the whole family (first picture at top).  They came out GREAT!!  I'll post more pictures from the shoot on my next post....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Connor!

Last Thursday, we welcomed Connor into the world a little earlier than expected.  I had a c-section scheduled for today, March 7th.  I went to my doctor's for a routine OB appointment, where they discovered my blood pressure was evelated.  I was sent straight over  to the hospital for monitoring, where my blood pressure remained high for a few hours.  While I was hooked up to the machine, they also discovered I was contracting about every 3 minutes, which I didn't even really notice until they said something!!  So based on these factors and that I was already over 37 weeks along, it was decided to go ahead and deliver that day.  Something we were not prepared for when we went to the doctor that morning!  I went back for surgery at 3:30 and Connor was born at 3:56pm, weighing 5lbs 14 ozs.  Throughout my pregnancy, my doctors and the high risk doctors were concerned about his small measurements and the possibility they were a sign of something wrong with the baby or my body's way of giving him the nutrients he needed, but Connor is absolutley perfect...just a little small!
We are head over heels over our newest bundle of joy, especially Brayden.  He was very excited throughout my pregnancy about having a baby brother, and his excitement has continued.  I am so happy about this and surprised at how understanding he seems to be that Connor needs me most of the time, as Brayden is a big mommy's boy.  Brayden loves to help with everything and I appreciate that he does!  Brayden is also excited that Connor gave him a new bike for being such a great big brother.  We gave that to him on Monday and he has talked about it non stop...his rocketship bike.  It is very cute!  He even told us we could take his tricycle back to the store because he doesn't want it anymore...he's a big boy with a rocketship bike now.  : )

Below are a few pictures of Connor's first days in the world.  He looks soooo much like Brayden did as a baby.  We can't wait to get him out of the house and show him off to everyone.